Harmony through Modular Scales

Creating design informed measurements for your website

Chris Maxwell

August 16, 2016

Modular scale is one of those things in web development that you can get away with not doing, but when you do use it, you will notice the overall improvement to your website. It's not anything specific, but the overall feel of the site that is improved. Magically.;)

So what is it?

DEFINITION: A modular scale is a scale . . .

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A Smart Mobile Foundation for Rails

Adding mobile-specific boilerplate code to your Rails project

Chris Maxwell

April 03, 2016

If you haven't done so already I strongly recommend setting up some foundation HTML and CSS for your project:

Mobile Boilerplate

When it comes to boilerplate, mobile is a special . . .

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Telephone Numbers, A Great Use Case for Media Queries

Toggling between callto and tel

Chris Maxwell

March 25, 2016

Phone numbers on the web create an interesting dilemma, should I use callto or tel? Like most things on the web, that depends.

Here's the situation, when a user finds a phone number link like this one:


...As developers we can change the links behavior so that when clicked a call is made: through a . . .

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A Smart CSS Foundation for Rails

Setting up boilerplate CSS to start your Rails project out right

Chris Maxwell

October 05, 2014

If you have been reading along, in Setting up a Smart HTML Foundation for Rails we laid out boilerplate HTML for a new Rails project. In this article we will do the same for stylesheets by building a solid CSS foundation to design from. I have developed some basic boilerplate starter CSS for this purpose; feel free to use this code in your . . .

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