A Smart Mobile Foundation for Rails

Adding mobile-specific boilerplate code to your Rails project

Chris Maxwell

April 03, 2016

If you haven't done so already I strongly recommend setting up some foundation HTML and CSS for your project:

Mobile Boilerplate

When it comes to boilerplate, mobile is a special case. It's a complete different beast . . .

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Telephone Numbers, A Great Use Case for Media Queries

Toggling between callto and tel

Chris Maxwell

March 25, 2016

Phone numbers on the web create an interesting dilemma, should I use callto or tel? Like most things on the web, that depends.

Here's the situation, when a user finds a phone number link like this one:


...As developers we can change the links behavior so that when clicked a call is made: through a program like Skype, or just . . .

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A Smart HTML Foundation for Rails

A Practical Guide to setting up a new Rails application with HTML5 Boilerplate and other front-end goodness

Chris Maxwell

October 03, 2014

UPDATED: February 3, 2016

Setting up the foundation markup of a Rails application is super straightforward. Every time I build a new application I use the starter code from Rails Views, Doing It Right and follow these steps...

Step 1: Clone the Starter Code

Here it is, the starter code:

git clone 

Step 2: . . .

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Rails Views and the Foundation Code Structure

A Rails view primer and front-end code to start any Rails project out right

Chris Maxwell

September 30, 2014

UPDATED: January 15, 2016

The template system and associated files and folders used in Rails are known as Views, the V in MVC. View code is primarily found in two high-level folders within a Rails 3.0 or greater application: the helpers and the views folders...

+- assets
+- controllers
+- helpers
+- mailers
+- models
+- views
. . .

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